Aligarh Muslim University, India

Professor Iqbal Ahmad
Co-Principal Investigator

My role in ResPHARM is to examine the antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB) from pharmaceutical waste. I will be responsible for the maintenance of bacterial cultures and their biochemical and molecular characterization. The genotypic characterization of resistant genes of ARB is by PCR is another aspect that I am contributing.

Professor Mohammad Saghir Khan

My responsibility in ResPHARM is to establish methods for resistance profiling of bacterial cultures. I also contribute to the phenotypic characterisation of cultures obtained from field samples at two sites and the genotypic analysis of selected resistant phenotypes.

Dr. Faizan Abul Qais
Research Associate

My role in this project is to isolate and characterize the antibiotic resistant bacteria, especially E. coli and Enterobacter. I am also responsible for exploring the role of biofilms in pertaining the antibiotic resistance in environment.

Aligarh Muslim University