Dr. Suresh Kumar Dubey

Dr Suresh Kumar Dubey photo

Professor in the Molecular Ecology Laboratory, Department of Botany, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India.

My interests include structure and function of the microbial community involved in controlling methane emission, screening, utilization of microbes for their potential role in bioremediation, and studies on the prevalence of some pathogenic microbes in clinical and food samples and their response to drugs. Effect of allochthonous pollution on bacterial community structure with special reference to antibiotic and metal ion resistance genes has also been addressed in river water/sediment samples.

Role in ResPharm:

  • Methods for DNA extraction and qPCR SOPs
  • Oversee specific detection of ARGB via qPCR across sites
  • Correlation of qPCR data with metadata, heatmaps for targeted ARGBs
  • Estimation of target ARGB using qPCR
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